Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a very popular place for tourists and locals alike to flock to in the late spring, summer, and early fall months.  It is very easy to see why so many people travel to the lake daily, hundreds of people can be there all at once.  The wilderness is raw all around the lake but when the tour buses are rumbling about…

The Banff Fire Department

Banff is full of dramatic mountain scenes and when walking around town the mountains beckon you to look up at them and walk with your eyes wandering across the landscapes seen right from town.  There is another beauty in town though, one that is as strong as the mountains that surround our little town and this beauty that I speak of is the people…

Lake Agnes and The Little Beehive | Banff National Park

Kirstie and I had a great day off hiking up to Lake Agnes and the Little Beehive.  See more photos from our day here on our mountain wedding guide Canoe Wedding.  Mountain Goats, Pikas, some light snow and fresh air made for a great Thanksgiving day outing!

In Opposition More Daring

When adversity strikes I know no better way to work on hitting the reset button than going directly into nature, as far into the back country of these mountains that I live in as humanely possible.  It just so happens that I already had an overnight trip planned as adversity reared it’s ugly head.  My adversity is nothing new and is nothing in particular…

Lake O’Hara

Lake O’Hara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and they limit the amount of people that can go into this fragile alpine area daily.  Kirstie and I book a day there every September and every year it is completely different.  Last year we had a day that was without a cloud in the sky, 22 degrees and the Larch trees had already turned golden…

Like A Kid In A Candy Shop

Today we received an abundance of snow, our first snowfall of the year.  It was 22 degrees yesterday and both Kirstie and I received sunburns.  Today was a very different story.  Snow has come very early and today was one of those days that I will not easily forget.  There was lightening, thunder, and snow!  Lots of snow!  So I naturally took to the…

Mount Rundle

Cooler and wetter weather has once again returned to our mountain town making it feel as if fall is not far off now.  Fortunately for me, Fall is my favourite season especially for hiking and biking!  See more photos of foggy Banff here.


It’s been a very warm July for the Canadian Rockies and the wildflowers are out in full force now.  I have been photographing them as they arrive and have been putting together a photo list here.  There are so many more and such little time.  Off to the Alpine I go.


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