Bike Life In Swedish Lapland On Mountain Bike Radio

Bike Life in Swedish Lapland is a blog that I have really been enjoying and following for some time now and I have found a lot of inspiration from the creator Olov and his love for fat bikes and cycling in general.  Even though I live in a place with somewhat of a similar climate to the Swedish Lapland (at least the winters are…

My Muk And Me

My Muk (Salsa Mukluk) fat bike has taken me places I never thought imaginable this winter.  I have been able to ride every day since the snow fell in late October on every kind of snow imaginable and here we are in the middle of April and the snow just keeps on coming.  The Inuit have dozens of names for snow and I think…

April Snow

Snow in mid-April?  Why Yes! Please and Thank You! Here’s a few from today’s ride on the Spray and from around town.  

The Open Road

The ice has finally, for the most part, melted off my favorite loop to ride near town.  The Minnewanka Loop is still partially closed off for skiing but a good portion of it is now able to be ridden.  The weather went from a nice sunny ride to full blowing snow within 10 minutes time today, an old fashioned April ride in the mountains. …

Canoe Wedding Blog

If you don’t find me here on this blog you can always see new posts from me on a new project that my wife and I have started called Canoe Wedding.  My wife and I both do blog posts regularly on the site and I will link to my posts on this blog from time to time.  I spent the day photographing along our…

The Coastline

The Coastline in winter, shoveled by the Fire Chief in town, is as good as it gets with single track riding in my opinion.  This is my good friend Scott Felter leaving some of his own fresh tracks on the best single track in Banff National Park.  

Fat Fourteen Day Forecast

March is a big snow month in Banff just as is October, November, December, January, February, and mostly April as well.  Thank you Fat Tires is all I can really say,  you are helpful in forgetting worries of yet another snowfall warning in the making.  Banff is without a doubt fat bike country and I am proud and honored to be a part of…

From One Side of the Valley to the Other

Mount Rundle to the Fairholme Range.


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