A Snow Leopard

A Scene From The Bow Valley Parkway

A Tundra Swan

I love seeing these swans migrate through the Bow Valley, they seem to always be in the water at Lac Des Arcs once it thaws out.  They don’t seem to stay around for long but I always enjoy it when I see them around, and it means that summer is one it’s way as they are heading north or I guess the opposite when you see them in the fall on their way south.  Anyways, the photos of this tundra swan were taken from my visit to the zoo last week.  I hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunny days!

Zebras And An Ostrich

The Luge

A couple of weeks ago our good friends J and Luann came out to visit us in Banff with their two wonderful daughters.  We had a great time and it was really nice to see them.  We always cross the frozen river in the winter to get into downtown, which is a daily occurrence.  It shaves about 2 minutes off the commute into downtown and I love walking on the river and seeing all of the great mountain views and crossing over into the sunny side of the valley, since our side is pretty dark in the winter because we are shaded by Sulphur Mountain.  I was really impressed by the girls because in order to get onto the river there is a slight downhill section that must be navigated in order to get down onto the flat walking surface and instead of trying to go around the steep area the girls simply embraced the icy surface and got a low centre of gravity and slid right down to the bottom as if there was no reason to try any other way.   Kirstie and I have been calling this particular area the luge since it is very icy and somewhat difficult to get down.  I loved that about the girls, instead of fearing or trying to avoid this particular area they simply made it into a fun game.  I now do the same instead of trying to go around, it is not a graceful sight but works much better.  You really can learn a lot from children, it is truly amazing!  I loved seeing them having fun in the snow and sun and I included a few photos below of them playing on our river crossing area.  Thanks so much for coming out you guys and we hope to see you again soon.

A Great Grey Owl Photo For Maya

Mr. Happy Snowy Owl

I absolutely love this guy!!!  He lives at the Calgary Zoo and I spent quite a bit of time with him today.  He is truly fascinating!  I think he is quite happy that it is snowing again.


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