My Surprise Birthday Cabin At The Exquisite Storm Mountain Lodge

Thanks so much to everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes.  Kirstie surprised me on the morning of my birthday with a two night stay at amazing Storm Mountain Lodge.  I was completely blown away, for it was the best gift ever.  I have always wanted to go there and even though it is only a 25 minute drive from Banff, we had never made it there to check it out.  We had a absolutely amazing time, we had the perfect cabin with an amazing snowfall our first night there and wonderfully warm temperatures for this time of the year.  The property and surrounding area is just incredible.  I love the historical feel of the cabins and lodges and I feel that they really put a lot of effort into keeping the place true to the mountain environment.  A ways down the road from us in Invermere they received 70 cm’s of snow our first day there, so we headed out for a hike and ended up in the most beautiful and magical forest I could ever imagine with snow so deep that it we stepped off trail we went down way past our waist and could have gone much farther than that in spots. It really is the perfect place to go for a hike or snowshoe and then have an amazing lunch or dinner in the main lodge, and of course then you should stay because the cabins are as cozy as cozy can be.  Kirstie is the most amazing gift giver in the world and so thoughtful and kind to have taken me to such a beautiful place. She really got me on this one, for I had no idea and was just in heaven with our time spent together. It is something I will surely never forget.  We just returned home and I took over 800 photos while I was there and had a lot of fun experimenting with different ways of photographing and I just wanted to quickly share some shots that I did around the property that I found very inspiring.  It was really the perfect getaway, even for someone who already lives in beautiful Banff.  Please click on any images that you might be interested in to see them in higher resolution.  Thanks for having a look at my perfect birthday weekend.

Above is a picture of the historical main lodge at night, they have the best food and the cozy, warm atmosphere was perfect for my birthday evening shared with Kirstie.

Above is our amazing cabin on the first night with a nice snow falling for us.

This is an interior shot from our cabin.  I love all the details that they put together.

Another interior shot of a great snowshoe lamp.A great snowy scene!

Every where you look is an incredible snowy scene!

The main lodge is just beautiful at night time.

This is their amazing antler chandelier hanging in the main room by the fireplace inside the main lodge.

You just can’t really go wrong with beer and cheese after a nice long snowshoe with the dogs and this is what they put together for us!!!  Quite impressive to say the least!  Could it really get any better by the fire?

Kirstie taking some much deserved time to read a great local book by the fireplace.

I loved the coat hanger rack that was provided!

I also really enjoyed the unique chess set that they had available in the main lodge.

The natural beauty that exists in the Canadian Rockies I believe is unmatched anywhere in the world and the above photo and the photos that follow show just a very small portion of what exists just around the property of Storm Mountain Lodge.

The lines found in nature can never be reproduced by human hand, only interpreted by our own imaginations.

The photo above was taken from the maintenance area of the lodge.  I found the old sign and tools quite intriguing. Thanks so much to my amazing wife Kirstie for the perfect birthday at such a wonderful place.

2 Comments on “My Surprise Birthday Cabin At The Exquisite Storm Mountain Lodge

  1. Wow. Kevin, there might be a place for you in that family business of yours’. Happy Birthday, my dear friend. Much deserved and thoughtful gift, Kirstie.


    • Thanks Scott,

      Happy Belated Birthday too you as well, I am sorry that I missed you. I hope those rain boots are coming in handy. Talk soon.

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