Ice Skating Season Has Arrived!!!

This past week has been perfect for ice skating and we got a real treat this year in that Johnson Lake has been frozen over perfectly with no snow.  Johnson Lake is perfection this year and I have only seen it once before like this where it has gotten cold enough to skate the lakes without having snow cover the ice before you can get out for a skate.  The whole town knows it and on any given afternoon it seems like half of the town is out skating the lake.  The snow will arrive soon and we all know that the skating will end so everyone is really taking advantage of it.  I posted a few photos of my friend Amelie skating with her son Charlie from this past week and a photo of my new sorel boots on the ice.  The colour of the ice is really beautiful this year.

Stacked Firewood

Details From My Favourite Pioneer Cabin In Banff

A Few More Photos From Remembrance Day

I was very impressed by the gentleman in the above photo.  I did not catch his name or get to talk with him but I can tell that he has accomplished a lot in his career with the Calgary Police Service Pipe Band and it was fascinating to watch him lead the Pipe Band down Banff Avenue with such strength and talent.  I overheard that it would be his last time marching in the parade so I feel quite lucky to have witnessed this and to have been able to photograph him.  Thanks again for such a wonderful ceremony and parade.

Remembrance Day In Banff

I absolutely love pipe bands and I especially look forward to seeing and hearing them play in Banff on Remembrance Day.  It was such an a honour to be able to see the Calgary Police Service Pipe Band play and there is certainly nothing more emotional than hearing them play and march down Banff Avenue in remembrance and to give great honour to all Canadians that have served and lost their lives to help build and strengthen such a wonderful, peaceful, and absolutely beautiful country. I stepped out to see the parade this morning and took the camera along in hopes of getting a few photos to share on this blog since this blog is here to show images from my life in Banff.  I ended up following the pipe band as they played and took a ton of photos because I was simply so enthralled by them and completely amazed at how talented a group they were.  They really brought justice to the parade and I have a lot of respect for them and their talent.  I was surprised when a few of the members of the pipe band asked if I could send them some images and if I could take a group portrait of them at the end of the ceremonies.  I was very honoured to do so and feel very grateful that they asked and allowed me to photograph them, since I was trying not to get in anyone’s way and was a bit shy to photograph them in the parade.  I wanted to share some of the images from today.  Thank you to Stephanie in the Calgary Police Service Pipe Band for letting take so many photographs and I will send you all of these images and many more.  You guys were truly stunning and I feel that the photos don’t do justice to how wonderful you sounded and the emotion that you created as all of you marched down Banff Avenue.  You guys are brilliant.



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