Mabel came to us this past summer from our wonderful vets in Canmore.  Our great vet Pilar from the Bow River Veterinary Centre made the trip from Mississippi with Mabel and many other dogs where she has been doing wonderful work helping rescue and find homes for dogs in need.  The moment that we saw Mabel we knew that we wanted to have her be a part of our family and she has been nothing but wonderful for us and has been really great for Leroy to have a playmate.  We don’t really know her story but we can tell by the some of her scars that she had some hard times.  You can see one of the scars in the first photo that looks like it must have been pretty severe.  She is loving her new life in Canada and seems to even be enjoying the first little amount of snow that we have received. She is full of life and has some pretty amazing moves when playing with Leroy. Thank you very much to Pilar and the Bow River Vet Centre for all of the wonderful work that you guys do.  We very much appreciate it and we know that Mabel most definitely does as well.

Charlie and Petch

A Few More Squirrel Photos For The Weekend

Banff Park Museum

I really love how they renovated the Banff Park Museum this past year and I really like the lamps that they put in on the bottom level.  Below is one of my first attempts at taking a night exposure.  The building looks especially beautiful at night and they did a great job with the lighting.

Cascade Mountain Reveal

I love it when Cascade Mountain reveals itself looking from main street after a rain storm.  It is usually a pretty fleeting moment before the cloud covers the mountain back over again or fully burns off so I was happy that I had a camera with me to get a photo of it.  Every time I see it reveal itself like this I never seem to have a camera.  This is also taken on the morning of Charlie’s first birthday and was just the beginning of a very beautiful day.


I have been practicing a lot with photoshop and trying to learn all of the different ways of processing my images.  There is a lot to learn and I wanted to share a few images of Charlie that I really like that I worked on tonight.  I really like black and white images a lot and I love the grain that can be captured from a film camera.  This is an attempt to capture that look from a digital file.


Kirstie And Her Grandad’s Camera

Kirstie has a great collection of her Grandad’s cameras and one of my favourites is this simple Rollieflex camera with the Zeiss lens.  I really wish that you could still get film for a camera like this and I really wish that I could have had the chance to meet her Grandfather.

Thanks For The Waffles Amelie And Dave

We had Amelie’s traditional Sunday waffle breakfast and it was amazing and what made it even more amazing is that it was on a Tuesday.  Thanks a lot you guys, that was a great way to start the day.  Here are a few more photos that I wanted to share with you guys from the day in the magic forest.

Squirrel Alley

Here are a couple of squirrel photos for the weekend.


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