It’s been a very warm July for the Canadian Rockies and the wildflowers are out in full force now.  I have been photographing them as they arrive and have been putting together a photo list here.  There are so many more and such little time.  Off to the Alpine I go.





The Monarch Ramparts

I made my first summer hike up into the Alpine of Banff National Park today.  It has taken awhile for the snow to come off to get to some of my favourite areas and without a doubt the Monarch Ramparts are my absolute favourite spot to get out into the true wilds of Banff National Park.  See more of my photos from the day here.




A Decade In Banff

Kirstie and I arrived in Banff ten years ago this last Canada Day.  I was moving to a new country and Kirstie was returning home.  Canada’s Birthday could not have been a better date to have be our first to enter the country and more importantly to enter this incredibly beautiful town that we have called home for ten years now.  We are both very much looking forward to the next ten years and the rest of our lifetime in this place that we have settled.  We recently put together a list of our ten most favourite things to do around Banff here, on our collaboration Canoe Wedding.


Canada Day


The Road To Craft Beer In The Sky

All you need to do is ride your bike from town up the switchback Norquay road in the left hand side of the photo below and then take a 15 minute chairlift ride and craft beer is readily available for you!  Find more information on this here.





Summer Time

The alpine is still very much full of snow but the top of Tunnel Mountain is perfection.  You can overlook the town of Banff and see the vast wilderness that surrounds us here in our beautiful little mountain town.  It has become one of our favourite in town hikes over the past decade that we have been living in Banff.  See more photos from our time on Tunnel Mountain here.


Bike Friendly Banff

Every year the cycling infrastructure in Banff gets better and better.  They have now put in a great bike stand with every tool I would ever need right downtown.  There are paved bike trails that can take you east or west without ever needing to get on a busy road and plenty of dirt trails to explore.  This place is so brilliant for cycling in any season but I sure am enjoying the warmer and longer days rolling around on my Salsa Casseroll.  Check out the full post from our day at Canoe Wedding.



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